Specialized Coaching for Growth Company CEOs

Decades of operational CEO experience dedicated to facilitating lasting change in you and your company.

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Why CEO Coaching

Growth Company = Growth CEO

If you're not developing fast yourself, your business will outgrow you. What's needed for the next stage is different from what got you here.

Quick and Tangible Impact

Effective coaching yields quick, noticeable results: Mental clarity, strategic insights, cohesive teams, and reduced staff turnover.

Valuable Perspective

High-performers know the worth of external insights. They challenge you and refine your decision-making. Especially if the coach has been on the same journey as you!

Vast Upside

Improvement at the top magnifies across the company. Your growth is levered up as it impacts the entire organization.

Elite Performance

Leading a growth company is akin to elite sports. A coach isn't a luxury; it's a lever for performance.

Combat Solitude

The CEO role can be isolating. A trusted confidante mitigates this.

What other CEOs say

While many offer coaching services like Peter, the distinction with him is that you get an extraordinarily skilled and experienced CEO as a sparring partner. Having faced numerous challenges himself, Peter’s vast knowledge and toolbox save a lot of time, offering effective insights and solutions.
Carl Johan PaulsenBaneGaarden
With Peter’s assistance, I’ve been able to identify critical areas for development. His diverse real-world experience ensures that the methods and counsel he provides are both relevant and effective
Timm JeppesenRisika
risika.pngbanegaarden.svgeasypractice.pngtimeloglogo.pngsleeknotelogo.pngSkærmbillede 2023-10-09 kl. 11.58.54.png
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