About Peter

Who I Am
30 years in global tech leadership. Founded and exited Firmafon, a Danish MVNO/SaaS company with a 20,000+ customer base. Now, I coach CEOs.

What I Offer
Been there, done that. Led teams, developed products, closed deals—you name it. I provide what most coaches can't: Been-in-your-shoes experience.

Why This Matters
I coach to transform, not just to solve one-off problems. I've got a deep-rooted passion for self-awareness and development. My aim is to foster lasting change—both in CEOs and their companies.

How I Work
I focus on CEOs of growth companies—those with 20 to 500+ employees and real revenue.

Who Should Care
If you're steering a growth company, we should talk. My coaching is tailored for leaders who've moved past the startup phase and are dealing with the complexities of scaling.

Why You Should Listen
Over 70% of startups fold within four years, often due to poor leadership. Don't become a statistic. Let's get to work.

Experience Highlights

Relatel: Led the merger of Firmafon and Fullrate Business, creating Denmark's leading SME telco brand.

Firmafon: Co-founded and led Firmafon, a notable Danish business MVNO/SaaS company. Raised venture capital and built a 20,000+ company customer base.

SoonR: VP of Business Development for a mobile venture-funded startup based in Silicon Valley and Copenhagen. Exited to AutoTask (Vista Equity Partners)

Intel: Led business development and product management teams, focusing on wireless networking and Ethernet switches.

Education: M.Sc.Eng. in Non-linear physics from Technical University of Denmark. Stanford Executive Institute (AEA) in Management, Finance, Marketing
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